Our Services

Accounting – we provide accurate and concise day-to-day accounting and financial statements as required by the accounting Society.

  • General accounting
  • Computerize and manual bookkeeping
  • Preparation of corporate financial statements
  • Preparation and presentation of: income and expenses
  • Balance sheet
  • Changes in financial position
  • Analysis and presentation of account
  • Receivables and payables

Having problems with revenue Canada?

We handle All assessments, reassessments, collections, objections and tax appeals

  • Tax planning – Corporation tax preparation
  • Personal tax preparation
  • Business tax planning
  • E-filing
  • GST and HST file link
  • Payment rescheduling
  • Objections and appeals handling
  • Registered charity information return

We assist you in all aspects of your business planning, setup and necessary incorporating.

  • Business setup and planning
  • Business starting in preparation
  • Business incorporating
  • Pro forma financial statements
  • Cash flow projections
  • Start up bank arrangements

We work for loved ones. We want to ensure their quality of life, even if we’re not around.

  • Wealth management
  • Tax planning
  • Tax analysis and the impact to you and your business
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment referral
  • Insurance referral
  • Terminal arrangements
  • Estimating of your final tax bill
  • Assist you in creating your living trust/alter ego trust, codicil, will

Why Choose Us

  • Over 30 Years professional experience.
  • Experience in various private and public enterprise operations.
  • Friendly exceptional service.
  • We strive to find the best solution for you.

What Client’s are saying

Thank you very much for all your assistance with my tax issue with revenue Canada. You made my day!
Ezekiel, I wish I had known you and your services five years ago!